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Last updated on Apr 18, 2024


  • General Account Settings

    • Profile: This allows you to view and edit your Minds profile information, including your display name, bio, profile picture, and cover photo. About editing your profile.

    • Email Address: This is where you can view and edit the email address associated with your Minds account.

    • Language: This lets you change the language used on the Minds platform.

    • Password: Here, you can change your Minds account password.

    • Boosted Content: This is where you can view and manage Boost settings. About Boost

    • NSFW Content: You can use this setting to hide or display NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content on your account.

    • Share Buttons: This allows you to enable or disable the social share buttons on your posts.

    • Autoplay Videos: Here, you can choose to enable or disable autoplay for videos on your Minds feed.

    • Messenger: This setting lets you turn on or off the Legacy Minds Messenger feature.

    • Nostr: You can enable or disable the Nostr feature on your account.

  • Notifications (More about notifications)

    • Push Notifications: This setting allows you to enable or disable push notifications for your Minds account.

    • Email Notifications: Here, you can choose which email notifications you want to receive from Minds.


For more information about Minds Pro click here.

  • Pro Settings

    • General: This section contains general settings for your Pro account.

    • Theme: Here you can customize the appearance of your channel.

    • Assets: This section allows you to manage and upload assets like images, videos, and documents.

    • Hashtags: You can create and manage hashtags that are associated with your channel's content in this section.

    • Footer: Customize the footer of your channel with links to external websites or social media accounts.

    • Domain: You can set a custom domain for your channel in this section.

    • Payouts: This section allows you to manage your earnings as a Pro user.

  • Pro Subscription Management

    • Cancel Pro Subscription: If you want to cancel your Pro subscription, you can do so in this section.

    • View Pro Channel: Here you can view your Pro channel and make changes to it.


  • Two-factor Authentication: You can enable two-factor authentication for your Minds account here, which adds an extra layer of security to your login process. Click here to set it up.

  • Sessions: This allows you to view and manage your active Minds sessions and log out of any that you don't recognize.


  • Payment Methods: This is where you can view and manage your payment methods for Minds Plus and other Minds monetization features.

  • Payment History: Here, you can view your payment history for Minds Plus and other monetization features.

  • Recurring Payments: You can manage any recurring payments associated with your Minds account here.

  • Supermind: Supermind is a premium Minds feature that gives you access to extra perks. You can manage your Supermind subscription here. More information about Superminds here.

Affiliates Program

  • Earn money by sharing customized links to Minds products with your audience.


  • Privacy

    • Wallet: This is where you can choose if the Wallet and the balance (from the top Right corner of the screen) should be shown on your screen.
  • Content Admin

    • Reported Content: This setting allows you to view and manage any posts that have been reported to Minds. To learn more, click here.

    • Blocked Channels: You can view and manage any channels that you have blocked on Minds. To learn more about blocking, click here.

  • Paid Content

    • Subscription Tier Management: Manage your memberships. To learn about memberships, click here.
  • Content Migration

    • Twitter: This is where you can connect your Twitter account to your Minds account.

    • Youtube: You can connect your YouTube account to your Minds account here.

  • Deactivate and Delete Account:

    • Deactivate Account: This allows you to deactivate your Minds account, which will hide your profile and content from the platform but keep your account data stored. See how to Deactivate Account here.

    • Delete Account: This is where you can permanently delete your Minds account and all associated data. See how to Delete Account here.