Last updated on Apr 18, 2024


What is a Supermind?

Want to stand out from the crowd and get your questions answered? A Supermind lets you attach a paid offer to your public posts, and tag a specific creator for a reply. When the creator replies, they earn the offer – it's win-win.

How soon will I get a reply?

Creators have up to 7 days to reply. If they don't reply within that time, the offer is automatically expired and your offer is refunded.

Am I guaranteed a reply?

No. Creators choose which offers to reply to. They can set their own custom minimum amounts to indicate which offers they'll consider.

What happens if I don't get a reply?

If your offer is declined or expired, your offer is refunded to you. Your post remains public, but will lose the Supermind labeling.

What if I don't like the reply?

The content of a Supermind reply is up to the creator. While Minds ensures you either get a reply or get a refund, Minds does not guarantee you'll love the reply.

Who can receive offers?

Everyone can! While we use the language of "creators" and "fans," the truth is that everyone can be both. Everyone is ready to receive token Supermind offers automatically. In order to receive cash Supermind offers, you'll just need to connect your Minds channel to a bank account.

How to

How do I send a Supermind?

You can start a Supermind from one of three places:

  1. When viewing any post in your feeds, click the Supermind icon (sparkly lightbulb) in the activities bar at the bottom of a post.

  2. When viewing any post from a post page, click the large Supermind button above the comments.

  3. When viewing a channel page, click the large Supermind button in the header.

How do I receive a Supermind?

Other people send you Supermind offers to support you and to get replies from you. Let your fans know that you're open to Supermind offers, and give them ideas for the types of questions and prompts you'd like to respond to.

How do I connect my bank account?

You can connect your bank account with Minds in the Wallet settings screen, under Cash.

How do I prevent offers that are too low?

In your payments settings for Supermind, you can specify minimum offer amounts. Setting higher minimum offers means that people won't be able to send you offers for less than your minimum. If you don't plan to respond to offers under a certain amount, we recommend increasing your minimums to set appropriate expectations with people sending you offers.

How can I get people to send me more offers?

To start, let people know what kind of offers you're interested in replying to. The more people see you replying to Supermind offers, the more they'll know that Supermind is an effective way to get your replies. Share a link to your Minds channel from other social channels and let people know you're accessible.

Other Questions

Do I get charged right away?

When making token offers, your token balance will be deducted at the same time you send the offer. When making cash offers, a credit card hold will be made for the amount of your offer. When the target accepts your offer and replies, the card hold will be charged. If the target declines your offer, the hold will be released and no charge will take place.

Can I get a refund?

Any Supermind offer that is declined or expired will automatically be refunded to you. For Supermind offers that are accepted, because of the service nature of Supermind, we're unable to offer refunds.

When will I receive my payment?

When accepting token offers, the tokens will be deposited to your wallet immediately upon accepting and replying to the offer. For cash offers, payouts are processed monthly on the 28th day of the month, on a two-day rolling basis.

What are the fees associated with Supermind?

Unlike other platforms that take a 30% cut of similar monetization products, Minds charges just a 15% application fee. This application fee covers payment processor fees (Stripe), Minds' fee, and any referral fees from the Minds referral program.

Who owns the copyright?

Copyright follows the same rules for any other content published to Minds – you retain ownership of the content you create, even for Supermind replies.

Why can't a Supermind be deleted?

We don't currently support deletion of Supermind posts, either the initial offers or the replies. This limitation prevents abuse of offers and replies.

Is NSFW allowed?

Supermind is currently not compatible with NSFW content. We are exploring options to potentially allow NSFW content in the future, but the current state of payment processors makes this challenging.

How do I deal with harassment through Supermind offers?

Supermind content is subject to the same harassment content policy that governs other content on MInds. If you believe incoming Supermind offers are in violation of this policy, you can report the content directly from the Supermind console inbox (via the […] menu in the top-right corner of the offer post). And if offers are not in violation but ARE unwanted, you can also block individual users from sending you Supermind offers in the same menu.