Last updated on Apr 18, 2024

We give users the option to relegate their content to personalized Membership tiers on Minds. This is a popular feature among artists and other content creators.

How do I create a membership?

Memberships are a great way for creators to monetize their content. To create a new membership:

  1. Navigate to your profile/shop (or click Membership tab on your profile)

  2. Click + Create New

    1. If you wish to receive cash, make sure you connect your stripe account

    2. If you wish to receive tokens, make sure you verify your account

  3. Set up your memberships, and click Save Tier

How do I edit or delete a membership?

To edit memberships, click Memberships tab and click Edit on the tier you want to edit. To delete a membership tier, click Delete Tier in three dot menu.

How do I see members of my membership?

To see members of your membership, click Memberships tab and click View Supporters.

How do I join a membership?

You can join membership by either clicking Unlock Post on a post, or clicking Join button in the Membership section.

Can I create a Cash only membership?

Yes. When you leave Accept Tokens checkbox unchecked. You can not have token only membership.

How do I post into Membership?

To post into a membership:

  1. Click Compose

  2. Click either Choose audience (click My Channel dropdown) or $ sign on the bottom

  3. Click Memberships

  4. Choose membership you want to post into

  5. Make a post, and post it