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Minds users have the ability to remain anonymous. You are not required to provide any personal information on signup. You are only required to provide personal information if you wish to participate in our rewards program. To participate in our rewards program, you do need to provide your mobile device number. If you chose to, this number will be converted into a SHA-256 unique hash ID that we will tie to your account to prove uniqueness. We will not store your actual number on our servers. We have also started collecting User Data & Analytics. Read more below. User Data & Analytics Your user data consists of two primary categories of data: (1) A record of your public contributions to the network, including your public profile, posts, media uploads, and votes. These are stored indefinitely (or until you remove them) so that they are available to you and other public users of the app. (2) Observational analytics, including which pages and posts you've seen, which buttons you've clicked on, and contextual information like which browser you're using, and where you came from. Observational analytics are used internally and allow us to reduce spam, diagnose problems with the app, and understand how to improve the service. They also allow us to enhance your experience, e.g. by recommending only posts that you haven't already seen before. Observational analytics are not shared with outside companies for tracking purposes. Moreover, we offer you the transparency to download your personal analytics (coming soon) to see what's collected, and optionally opt-out of collection if you prefer. To opt out, head here.

Last updated on Apr 18, 2024