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Managing a group

Last updated on Apr 18, 2024

How to create a group

  1. Navigate to Groups > Create a Group (Or click this link)

  2. Choose a Name of your group

  3. Choose Profile Picture for your group

  4. Choose a Banner for your group

  5. Write a description of your group

  6. Choose whether it's Open or Closed

  7. Finalize the group using Create Group button

Group Options

Top bar presents multiple options for the group settings and other things. In three dot menu:

  1. You can decide to Boost group (promote) your grup

  2. Disable Boosts from being shown in your group

  3. Enable / Disable moderation - Enabling moderation will put every post made by an average user into approval queue

  4. Make Public / Open

  5. Enable / Disable notifications (an old setting that does not work at this moment)

  6. Report Group - If your find group does illegal activities, report it

  7. Delete Group if you don't want to manage it anymore

  8. Additionally, clicking cogwheel allows you to edit group information.

What are open and closed groups?

  • Open groups are groups that can by joined by any user, as long as they aren't banned from a group.

  • Closed groups are groups, that users needs to be invited into, or they need to request to join.

Inviting new members

  1. Navigate to the Members tab in your group

  2. Click Invite

  3. Choose username to invite

  4. Send the invitation

Approving new members

Members can also request to join your group. To approve members:

  1. Go to Review

  2. Click Requests

  3. Choose to Accept or Reject on each user

What are types of permissions in groups?

Within every group there are four types of users, listed in order of least to most privileged: members, moderators, administrators (admin), and owners.

  • Members of a group may browse the group and interact with its posts, chat, and users.

  • Moderators inherit all Member privileges, plus the ability to accept or reject posts upon post submission, the ability to ban/invite users, and pin/unpin posts, and the ability to remove posts.

  • Admin inherit all Moderator privileges, plus the ability to change the group's settings and grant/remove admin/moderator privileges to another user.

  • Owners inherit all Admin privileges plus the ability to delete the group.

Managing group roles

To manage users navigate to the Members section.

There, you can click on a member, and in three dot menu decide:

  1. To remove them from the group

  2. Make an owner

  3. Make a moderator

Approving posts

If you have moderated group, you will need to approve posts. To approve posts:

  1. Go to Review

  2. Click Posts

  3. Choose to Accept or Reject on each post. You can also comment on them and react to them while they are on this state. Just click timestamp, and open the post.