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Last updated on Apr 09, 2024

What is Minds Chat

Minds chat is a chat app forked from the Matrix chat. Some of capabilities of Matrix are restricted in Minds Chat, for example the calls and federation.

To learn more about how to use Matrix chat, you can use this link.

How do I log into the chat?

You need to use OICD option to log into Minds chat, which means, log in using your Minds.com credentials.

How do I start a new conversation?

To start a new chat, click the + button at the right side of the sidebar menu and enter the username of the user you wish to chat with. You may select multiple users to create a group chat.

start_chat.png...Or from mobile, like this

chat_mobile.pngYou may also create a new room by clicking the + button next to Rooms, from mobile, by toggling the # symbol at the bottom right of the app homescreen.

How do I create a private room?

To create a private room, hit the + icon in the lower left corner of the screen, next to Rooms and follow the prompts


To add a user to your list of favorites, open the ellipses menu associated with their Chat presence and select Favorite from the dropdown menu

How can I tell if I have an Unread Message?

If you have an unread message, a notification will be shown next to the relevant user.

You may also see a red notification indicating a user has requested to chat with you. 

You may set your notifications to chime every time you receive a notification by going to Notifications and Settings, accessed by pulling down the dropdown menu to the right of your avatar.