Last updated on May 14, 2024

This article is about user side of things group related. To learn about how to manage a group, go here.

How to post into a group

There are two ways to post into a group:

  1. Direct

  2. From Composer


  1. Open group page

  2. Click on Group composer

  3. Proceed with making your post

From Composer

  1. Open your composer

  2. Select My Channel on top left corner

  3. Select group you want to post into

  4. Proceed with making your post

How to see group posts

To see group posts you can open the group page (find your groups by clicking Groups - 1 ), or try the group tab (2) on your newsfeed.

How do I find out what kind of group am I looking at?

In the sidebar on the right, you can see details about the group.

Where can I see other group members?

You can see the groups members in the members tab. In sidebar on the right, you can also see the users who are moderators / admins of the group.

Joining a closed group

To join a closed group you need to be invited, or you need to send a join request.