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Boost Content Policy

Last updated on Jan 16, 2024

The Minds Content Policy establishes a highly permissive standard based on the First Amendment of the United States. Boosts have a separate, stricter policy that aims to balance our goals of enabling freedom of expression, and also giving the community control over the content they see and engage with.

To manage that balance, unlike regular Newsfeed posts, all Boosts go through a content review process. Some categories of content are ineligible for Boosting (see below for the full list). But the primary role of the Boost review process is to ensure that Boosted posts with controversial or disturbing content reach people who have opted into seeing that sort of content.

We are continually evaluating our definition of "controversial" and want it to be a reflection of the community's standards, the same way people can broadly agree on what content is "NSFW." We want the Minds community to have the content experience that they want, with the control to opt into seeing controversial content in their feeds.

What's controversial?

Controversial content is text, media, or links of a more spicy nature on Minds, including content that's politically contentious or otherwise likely to be objectionable to a family-friendly audience. This includes username and avatar, even if the content itself is otherwise safe.

Help us improve this definition.

Categories of content that are ineligible for Boosting

  • Against ToS or Content Policy

  • Against Stripe Policy (for cash boosts)

  • Appeals a moderation decision

  • Help & Support request

  • Selling Minds Tokens

  • Contains content from a banned user

  • Explicit

  • Maliciously targets users

If you would like to appeal a Boost rejection, you may do so by making a support ticket here with the post in question and the reasons why you believe the Boost should be accepted.