Last updated on Apr 18, 2024

We want everyone to get rewarded for the value they contribute to Minds. The token rewards system automatically distributes 10,000 MINDS tokens to the community on a daily basis, rewarding three categories of contribution. No matter what time of Minds user you are, you can find ways to contribute and earn.

Reward types


Are all posts eligible for engagement rewards?

No, there are some posts which are not able to earn engagement rewards. Posts that are created in groups, and posts which are re-minds or quote posts are not eligible for engagement rewards. This means that upvotes on these posts are not counted in your daily engagement score. These exceptions are made to deal with specific patterns of reward system abuse.

Do downvotes count?

No, downvotes are not currently part of the engagement rewards calculation. We did experiment briefly with using downvotes as a negative point in calculating rewards, but found that (1) it didn't significantly change the rewards distribution, (2) it did result in an increase in retaliatory downvoting, and (3) some members expressed that they downvoted less often because, while they wanted they disagree, they didn't want to hurt people's rewards earning potential because of disagreement.

Supported regions

Our cash rewards program is facilitated by a third party service called Stripe, which unfortunately is not supported in every country. If you're outside the US or Europe, and you're unable to sign on to our rewards program, it may be worth checking this list to see if your country is supported.