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Boost Partner Program

Last updated on Sep 08, 2023

What is the Boost Partner Program?

The Boost Partner Program is a revenue sharing program that allows content creators to earn a share of the revenue generated from Boosts served on their channel pages and activity post pages.

How does the Boost Partner Program work?

Boosts can now appear on channel pages and individual activity post pages. If Boosts appear on your activity posts or channel page, you'll earn 50% of the revenue – both tokens and cash – from Boost views that were served. This additional inventory creates more opportunities for Boosts to appear, increasing the number of views Boost buyers get for their tokens and dollars.

Who is eligible for the Boost Partner Program?

The Boost Partner Program is available to all Minds channels that are in good standing and verified as human (via phone number or mobile app human detector). Cash payouts are subject to the same restrictions as Minds+ earnings: You must have accrued a minimum of $100 in total earnings, have connected a bank account, and be a Minds+ subscriber to get paid out.

Can I opt out of the Boost Partner Program?

If you'd prefer that Boosts do not appear on your pages, you can easily opt out of the program in your Boost settings to prevent Boosts from serving on pages they own.

What are the consequences of abusing the Boost Partner Program?

Minds monitors all activity closely for fraud to ensure that views are authentic and organic. If someone is found to have abused the system, they will lose their eligibility for the Boost Partner Program.