Last updated on Sep 08, 2023

Feeds are the lifeblood of any social network, it’s the place where all the content lies, and it’s no different on Minds.

Our feeds could be sorted into multiple categories:

  1. Newsfeed: The main feed of the site, it has 4 different sub-feeds:

    1. Top - a feed containing most engaged posts

    2. For You - a feed containing posts that are recommended for you

    3. Latest - the posts as they are posted.

    4. Groups - latest feed, that contains group posts

  2. Discovery: The collection of feeds to discover content:

    1. Trending: the popular content on Minds at the moment

    2. Trending tags: the popular tags on minds at the moment

    3. Channels: channels recommended for you

    4. Groups: Groups recommended for you

Minds+:  Collections of feeds catered for Minds+ subscribers, containing the Minds+ content.